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Real Estate Lawyers in Spain

With more than two decades of experience, our firm has established itself as an undisputed reference in the field of real estate operations. Our team is comprised of lawyers specialized in real estate and urban planning law, who have dedicated their professional careers to providing the highest quality legal services. We take pride in our ability to assist both local entrepreneurs and renowned international corporations, always adapting to the specific needs of each client.

Our passion for the real estate sector is the driving force behind our dedication and excellence. We have provided comprehensive advice and successfully managed all stages of real estate transactions, from the initial strategic conception to the legal and administrative completion of each operation.


Our Legal services

At Quikprokuo, as specialists in real estate law in Madrid, we offer a wide range of services that cover all legal needs in the sector. We provide comprehensive advice and representation in the processes of buying and selling properties, whether they are new or second-hand. We take care of the thorough review of the documentation and the legal status of the property, as well as the drafting and reviewing of contracts, assistance in notarial signings, and processing of registrations in the Property Registry.

For the selling processes, we provide services from initial advice to the management of documentation with administrations and public registries, drafting of contracts, and follow-up until the final registration.

In the matter of inheritances with properties, we assist with the entire process, from meetings with the heirs, obtaining necessary certificates, partitions and allocations of inheritance, to the processing of taxes.

For non-residents, we offer the complete Golden Visa service, which includes from advising and processing of residence permits to the management of the acquired property.

Additionally, we are experts in the processing of licenses and changes of use, the formation of companies for the management of real estate, drafting and negotiation of lease contracts, and comprehensive management of profitable properties.

In the sector of tourist housing, we offer specialized legal support in the negotiation of contracts, processing of licenses, and in the daily management of the activity. We focus on ensuring compliance with current regulations in the Community of Madrid, providing a comprehensive service to facilitate your investment.

In the franchise sector, we provide complete legal support that includes contract negotiation, license processing, and daily management of operations. We ensure that all activities comply with the current regulations in the Community of Madrid, guaranteeing efficient and lawful management for your franchises.

We handle all types of legal proceedings related to real estate.


Monitoring the entire process, from the viability of the property, to the taxation and registration.


Management of inheritances with properties: includes legal evaluation, property transfer, tax processing, and specialized advice.


Allows non-residents to invest in Spain and obtain residency. Includes purchase of real estate, financial investments, and job creation.


Includes legal advice, processing of permits, and management of modifications to adapt properties to new purposes or functions.

Company Formation for Real Estate Management

Involves creating legal entities dedicated to managing, operating, and maintaining properties, offering comprehensive real estate management services.


Include property search, legal advice, contract negotiation, payment management and maintenance, offering comprehensive support.


Includes legal advice, conflict management, regulation of co-ownership and administration of urban regulations.


Includes legal advice, permit management, urban planning, and support in property transactions, focused on commercial franchises.


Legal advice, permit management, urban regulations, and support in transactions and hiring.

Real Estate Lawyers in Spain

How we work


Present us with your situation, and we will analyze and offer you all the solutions.


Having chosen the best course of action, we proceed as agreed with our clients.


Once the agreed objectives have been achieved and with the satisfaction of the client, our service concludes, offering clients subsequent follow-up in the requested cases.

Real Estate Lawyers in Spain

Why trust Quickprokuo?

  • Comprehensive Advice: From the beginning, we provide you with clear and specialized advice. We want you to be informed and confident in every decision you make.
  • Thorough Review: We thoroughly analyse each document related to your property. From urban aspects to contracts before the sale.
  • Personalized Assistance: We accompany you in every meeting, signing, and any other commitment that requires our legal expertise.
  • Efficient Processing: We take care of all the necessary procedures, whether with public registries, administrations, or homeowners’ associations.


Our Clients’ Reviews

At Quickprokuo, our promise goes beyond providing legal services. We are committed to offering you a personalized experience, based on transparency, communication, and excellence. Each member of our team is dedicated to ensuring that your real estate transactions are carried out efficiently and without complications.

Patricia has advised us on a complicated purchase and sale operation and has saved us many problems. She has represented us in many stages of this operation, providing advice on all kinds of issues, and has maintained a satisfactory level of availability throughout the process. We have been able to regain peace of mind thanks to her support and carry out the purchase.

Pierre-François Verheyde

Patricia is a great professional. She has helped us and solved our problem and continues to be there whenever I need her. Her fees are more than reasonable. People like her make life easier. Thank you.

María Ángeles Montero

Patricia is a great professional. I have had the opportunity to work with her, and I can say that there are few lawyers like her. I greatly value the learning I have acquired during the time I have been working for her. In the field of urban planning and real estate law, there is no better lawyer.

Javier Martín

"Everything truly great is simple"


- honoré de balzac

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